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MEA Members,

Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos did a photo op in the Rose Garden yesterday, demanding that school reopen. But they didn’t offer any plans or support for schools. They didn’t offer any guidance on keeping kids safe. Trump and DeVos may want to play it fast and loose with the lives of people who go to restaurants and hair salons, but we’re not willing to play it fast and loose with the lives of kids and teachers who go to schools.

The sad truth is, if the Senate does not immediately work to pass desperately needed funds for our states, local communities and public schools, there will be massive cuts, job losses and increased threats to the health and safety of our children and everyone who enters a school. Without help from Congress, many schools may not be able to reopen safely. It’s been more than a month since the House passed the HEROES Act. But, under the leadership of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Senate, instead of passing a COVID-19 relief and recovery package, decided to take an ill-timed vacation.

Today, across the country, parents, educators, school staff and communities are having a #SenateFail Day of Action, calling on McConnell and the Senate to stop vacationing and do their job for the American people. We’re also launching a new series of ads today calling on the Senate to act.

At a moment when senators should be doing their jobs, they are failing us. If you can’t be at one of the in-person #SenateFail actions, take a moment to watch our ad and share it on social media with the hashtag #SenateFail.

Let’s be clear about what’s at stake: Many districts are looking at laying off teachers and staff, some are looking at cutting services for students. Some are questioning whether they can reopen in the fall at all. Healthcare will be gutted, including Medicaid. The solution to all of this is for the Senate to act. Imagine being so clueless about the needs of everyday people that rather than passing the funds needed to reopen safely, you take a two-week break. It’s outrageous. We’re trying to hold Republican senators accountable, so that they pressure McConnell to finally pass relief for states, communities and schools.

The HEROES Act would give states the funding they need to provide massive relief to struggling families, struggling schools and struggling states.

When senators get back to work, they will have less than two weeks to pass the HEROES Act. Doing so would provide financial relief to states, support essential services like public schools, support Medicaid, and provide funds for testing and contact tracing. All of these things are going to be crucial to safely reopening schools and therefore to reopening our economy. While senators vacation, they need to hear loud and clear that we expect them to get back to Washington and do their jobs.

Watch the new ads and share them with your friends now.

Students need to be back in the classroom, and teachers are ready and willing to get back too–– as long as we’re all coming back to a safe environment. Passing the HEROES Act can make that happen.

In unity,
Randi Weingarten
AFT President

  • Many of us are struggling to deal with the stress and anxiety of our current situation.  AFT is now offering a new member benefit for all members - Free Trauma Counseling sessions with highly trained therapists.  Please share this with your members.  For more information visit https://www.aft.org/benefits/trauma.
  • We have a host of information, including specific member benefits from NEA, AFT and Union plus on the FEA COVID-19 resource website.  Here members can find information about financial support, digital learning resources, COVID-19 Q and A and more - https://feaweb.org/covid19/.






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