About MEA

The Marion Education Association (MEA) joins education professionals together in a collective pursuit of common interests - an endeavor is as old as the nation itself. The Preamble to the Constitution aimed "To Build a More Perfect Union" when our forefathers felt disenfranchised and abused by those in power. In many ways, the education professional today feels a similar frustration, and deserves an equally effective way to translate those feelings into collective action. In that respect, we are similar to other professionals, like doctors and attorneys, who create professional alliances.

MEA, through and with its state and national affiliates, is such a professional organization that brings teachers together so that our voices as education professionals can be heard and respected. When you become a member of MEA, you are supporting an organization that is working through the school system, the Legislature, and the community to build support for higher standards of conduct and achievement in our classrooms.


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What MEA Does
What MEA Does

MEA works diligently to improve professional compensation and protecting our members' rights through expert collective bargaining, grievance processing and political action. At the same time, we are strong advocates for professionalism in education. Thus, we offer training, seminars and workshops, as well as up-to-the-minute information on the constantly changing demands and requirements of our profession.

What can you expect from MEA if you joined?

1. We will promote excellence in Public Education.

2. We will work in your best interests.

3. We will give personalized assistance.

4. We will stand by you in times of trouble.

5. We will enhance teacher image and performance.

6. We will get you what is fair and equitable.

7. We will publish up-to-date materials.

8. We will purchase things you use at a discount.


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