A union works through the strength and involvement of its members. MEA has a host committees, and we need the involvement of more members to help as we grow.

Meeting schedules vary. Some committees meet once a month while others meet as needed. Each committee chair updates the executive board at the monthly meeting.

Bargaining  & Labor Relations

The Association shall appoint a committee of up to six (6) employees representing the elementary, middle and high school levels to meet with the Superintendent's designee four (4) times per year, at a time convenient to both the Association and the District, for the purpose of reviewing safety matters, personnel matters and the administration of this Agreement. These meetings shall not supplant collective bargaining or the grievance procedure. Each party shall submit a meeting agenda to the other at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the meeting.


Within our contract, MEA shall appoint/select all employees serving as a Bargaining Unit representative on a committee, task force, council and/or body created or maintained by the District to deal with terms and conditions of employment for example Insurance and Textbook Adoption.



Plan and coordinate events for members, recruitment purposes, community and participate in various events. The committee is chaired by Joanne Houghton.



GREAT serves as the Political Action Committee of the Marion Education Association. The committee functions in accordance with state and local election laws. GREAT is chaired by Mary Rivera.


All education stakeholders need to be politically active. Policies and legislation have created a world for educational professionals that make it almost impossible for them to do their jobs successfully. It takes legislative change to remove those impediments. 


GREAT vettes and recommends strong advocates for public education. Their support of education issues largely results from our political influence. As a unified group, we have an impact on decisions that affect us and our students.


Membership 365

An initiative to help MEA members get all of the benefits of NEA/AFT/MEA membership.  Membership is chaired Tonya Hill.

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