Current Membership Promotion

MEA will issue a $50.00 rebate for new members for the 2022-2023 school year.

  • Eligibility: Any new member to MEA or a previous member with a lapse larger than a year.
  • Ineligible for the rebate: a member who dropped their membership within the last 12 months.



Dues are deducted in equal amounts for 20 checks, usually starting on the second check of the year. (Currently scheduled for Aug 26, 2022)

When joining during the school year, dues will begin following the join date. The new member is only responsible for the dues remaining for that school year, not for dues collected prior to the join date.

It is important to note, one must be a member prior to any incident to be eligible for union assistance for that incident.



Two Ways to Join


  1. Electronic Application: online application

or use the QR code below




Make sure to find who the Site Leader at your work location is!