Why Join MEA?


MEA is your union. As a union we negotiate our contract. The more you are a part of your union the more we can improve our work conditions and salaries. By definition a union is that which is united or made one; something formed by a combination or coalition of parts or members. The United States of America are often called the Union. The Marion Education Association is a coalition of Teachers, Student Service Managers, ESE Specialists, Content Area Specialists and more working together in improving our work conditions.


Protection of Your Rights

Hiring of an attorney for a job-related concern can easily cost thousands of dollars. Your MEA membership provides professional representation for all these issues and more.

  • Evaluations

  • Grievances at hearings and appeals

  • Payroll Errors

  • Administrative Harassment

  • Illness in the Line of Duty

  • Injury on the Job

  • Conferences-For-The-Record

  • Constitutional and Statutory Rights

  • Student Assaults

  • Student Discipline Issues

  • Health & Safety Issues

  • Parent & Student Complaints

  • Any other issue which may arise as a result of a member's performance of his/her duties and responsibilities as a School Board employee


* Must be a member prior to an incident to utilize. *